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Natural Born Healers

Welcome to Natural Born Healers

Hit a platau in your training? Fighting a sports related injury? Suffer from cronic pain or simply want to increase flexibility? Have you tried everything else with short term results at best? We can help! Using Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Manual Ligament Therepy (MLT) we can relieve pain, restore mobility and stabalize blance leading to improved strength performance and health!

Joshua Mortonis co-founder of AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) Northwest and author of the upcoming book Balance is Possible from Head to Toe and  Balance is Possible is set to become the most comprehensive guide to stretching published to date.  He has thousands of hours of training and tens of thousands of clinical treatment hours under his belt making nearly any condition treatable.  He is often a stop at the end of the road for difficult conditions after all else fails.  Joshua and staff see individual clients at Natural Born Healers in Tacoma, WA when not traveling and training in the US, Europe and Asia. His clients include:

  • Athletes
  • Pre- and post-surgical patients
  • People with sedentary work styles (desk jobs)
  • Individuals with degenerative or neurological disease such as MS, ALS and disc conditions
  • People who have chronic problems such as arthritis
  • Other therapists and trainers who want to maintain balance and strength throughout their career
  • Anyone who wants to improve mobility, balance, and strength
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