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About Joshua

JOSHUA MORTON is a 1994 graduate of Seattle Massage School, now known as Ashmead. Since beginning his practice Joshua has worked in the area of soft-tissue rehabilitation and injury prevention. In 2003 Joshua went to Sarasota FL to work with Aaron Mattes, creator and developer of AIS. Since then Josh­ua has accumulated over 2400 hours working one-on-one with Aaron and many more hours in instruction and treatment.

Joshua’s hard work has earned him accolades from Mattes, whose methods have been praised by some of the top names in therapeutic health. His skill as a teacher and expertise with AIS places him among Aaron’s top therapists and instructors of AIS nationwide and internationally, teaching not only the basics but helping other professionals gain tools for addressing difficult neurological, orthopedic and muscular problems such as scolio­sis, neuropathy, joint replacement rehab, muscle spasticity, asthma, multiple sclerosis, impingement syndromes and many other conditions.

During this time Joshua also studied with and became great friends with Arik Gohl, developer and pioneer of MLT, an effective, gentle approach to working with ligaments to reduce pain in muscle and fascia. The combination of this modality with AIS has enhanced both ap­proaches, and in 2012 Gohl confidently turned his practice in Gig Harbor, WA over to Joshua so that Gohl could relocate to set up an international clinic in Mexico.

When Joshua is not hard at work stretching patients he has many hobbies he enjoys. He has a strong love of music. He listens to an eclectic range of styles—almost everything! Joshua has been playing the bass guitar since he was 17 years old, including playing live shows in a band! More recently he began to play percussion and now he participates in drumming groups regularly.

Joshua also has a strong love of nature. If he has a day or part of a day to himself you will likely find him heading into the mountains for a day hike. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will keep Joshua from the trail. He enjoys the challenge of finding the most difficult path and slugging it out to the top.

Last but not least, Joshua looooooves food! Not only did he cook in various Seattle restaurants before beginning his career as a massage practitioner but he continues to hone his skills for the gourmet experience. He enjoys hosting parties where he gets to cook for and/or with his friends. (“Don’t forget to match the right beer or wine to the food!”) He enjoys learning about the benefits of the food he is eating. Eating with intelligence is the first line of offense to achieving health!

Joshua has been a provider of professional CE hours for over a decade.  He is accredited through the NCBTMB (#451194-09) and BOC (#P3445) to give credits to massage therapists, acupuncturists, personal and athletic trainers around the country.


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