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“It is without reservation that I recommend Mr. Joshua Morton as a well-qualified therapist and teacher of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening: The Mattes Method of specific bodywork.”

(Aaron L. Mattes MS, RKT, LMT, developer and pioneer of Active Isolated Stretching)

“I have known Joshua for approximately two years. I have been his patient and student through this period. He has shown to be very motivated and passionate in his treatment and has shown tremendous care in ensuring that I was taken care of appropriately. Clinically Joshua posses sound judgment and extensive knowledge in various treatment approaches and skill of application. He has a clear, concise concept of time limited, goal oriented care. I recommend Joshua Morton to you without reservation.”

(Dr. Juehring, Director of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Rehabilitation Department)

“AISS (active isolated stretching and strengthening), particularly with the enhancements Joshua Morton has made, has become an indispensable modality in my practice. When added to Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT), I estimate there is at least a 40-50% increase in my efficacy and efficiency as a clinician. I highly recommend Joshua Morton and the classes he teaches to therapists of all backgrounds.

Arik W. Gohl LMP, MMLT; Creator of Manual Ligament Therapy

“I recently assisted in one of Joshua’s seminars in Ashland, OR. Having practiced AIS for several years I was blown away by Joshua’s amazing innovations and advanced techniques he demonstrated of the AIS principles. His clinical knowledge of the muscles, how they move different joints, the neurological reeducation process of AIS and his presentations on how to safely and efficiently stretch and strengthen affected muscles is absolutely genius. In fact, I recently used his lessons and active stretching enhancement techniques (The Morton Anchor is also an incredible hip stabilization invention) to work on a former elite triathlete with remarkable results. His time saving specific stretches to her hips helped have her walk out of my office pain-free for the first time in 8 months.

“Joshua has taken his study of AIS to a whole new level and his treatments make all other soft-tissue work seem like kindergarten to me now. I look forward to working and learning more from him as I continue to help my patients.”

Patrick Kincart, LMT, AIS practitioner Bend, OR

“I have been working with Joshua for a couple of months since he was in Hong Kong in November 2011 until end of March 2012. His understanding of the human body is very impressive to me. I had a bicycle accident in April 2011. I was put into cast for three months. My body movement has been seriously affected by the injury from three fractured bones. His skill makes me gradually restore my bone alignment. My balance and strength has come back to me day by day. He also made a huge impact on my bunion I was considering surgery for. In addition to his skill, he is a very positive person and make the whole treatment so easy and enjoyable.”

Christine, Hong Kong

“During his 6 months of stay in Hong Kong, Josh did an excellent job with his patients. His excellence in his AIS and MLT work gives an extra ordinary experience to his patients. In his work, Josh is consistent, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. He has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done. He’s always extending his assistance and had an excellent rapport with many people. Josh inspires and motivate others to their full capacity.”

Marvi Leung, Hong Kong

“Josh is a masterful teacher of AIS. I have met people with great expertise but none like Josh with his level of authority on the subject, and an openness to share it all with me. He is present, patient, and attentive. I had so many questions along the way, and he simply drew from the depth of his knowledge to provide what was suited for me. He left me learning to approach problems with an investigative mind and to solve them rather than offering hypothetical explanations or applying hard and fast rules. He opened my eyes to the beauty and specificity of AIS, how big a difference it made to the quality of the stretch when all details were accounted for but at the same time not being bogged down by the details. I enjoyed learning from Josh tremendously and would recommend him as the teacher to go to for learning AIS.”

Mary Zhang, Hong Kong

“I have been receiving Therapy from Joshua for less than a year. We have worked together on and off due to distance that separates us. I live in the Philippines, he in the states. I have been suffering from spinal stenosis, disc degeneration and other spinal problems from top to bottom for many many years. I have gone to many therapists to be stretched and worked with every therapy imaginable. I can say that the work Joshua has done for me has given me the best results. After a few treatments from him on a continuous basis I do feel much better than I normally do. As long as I do the exercises and stretches he advises me to do religiously I am able to maintain a better quality of life. What I like with Joshua is his love for his profession, which I noticed right away with his willingness to share his knowledge and to teach as long as one is interested. Unlike other professionals who are very strict with their time and not as willing to share their knowledge. I highly recommend him for relief of your aches and pains.”

Mary R., Manila, Philippines

“With ease and precision Joshua guides you through very specific joint motions that gradually explore and expand your free range of motion in all that you do with less tension and pain.”

(William Prell, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor)

“AIS is the answer to a comprehensive, full-body stretching program. An individually assisted session feels as good as a massage.”

(Paul Mulholland, M.Ed. Counselor, Fitness Trainer and Tai Chi Instructor)

“After a severe cerebral-hemorrhage, my husband Franz, was placed for seven weeks in an artifical coma. When he awoke, he couldn’t move the right side of his body, not even one finger. Joshua visited him every day in the Murnau Hospital and stretched each finger and joint of the hand and wrist. After the third treatment, Franz could move one finger and squeeze his hand. Franz continued to make progress for the next three months working with Joshua. Now, two years later, he is able to do all the work in the house and garden... After my stroke last May 2008, I was physically disabled (spastic movements) on the left side. After falling in October and shattering my right shoulder, I was practically unable to use my hands. Our good friend, Joshua, visited us and began to work on “reconstructing” my body. Every morning he moved each finger, each joint of my hand; every single toe on each foot. After Joshua “treated” our household, he shopped and cooked for us. I have always thought that heaven sent Joshua to our small wooden house in Bavaria. Both Franz and I have made great progress in working with Joshua who is understanding, knowledgable and considerate. Despite our afflictions and difficulties, we still had lots of laughs and good times. I still remember Joshua’s instructions and we keep him close in our hearts. Joshua, your magic hands, sent from heaven … words can’t express our thanks.” -

Athanasia Mögele, Tutzing, Germany

I have known Joshua for approximately two years. I have been his patient and student through this period. He has shown to be very motivated and passionate in his treatment and has shown tremendous care in ensuring that I was taken care of appropriately. Clinically Joshua possesses sound judgment and extensive knowledge in various treatment approaches and skill of application. He has a clear, concise concept of time limited, goal-oriented care. I recommend Joshua Morton to you without reservation... AIS has been a very useful, pragmatic addition to our care of many neuro-muscular conditions.”

Dr. Juehring, Director of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Rehabilitation Department

I had to have a complete hip replacement in 2005. For about one year before the surgery, I had the good fortune to be a client of a work related therapy group when Joshua Morton was one of their staff members. I took an immediate liking to Joshua and selected him as the therapist of choice when I went to that clinic. When Joshua found out that I was going to have hip surgery, he did two things. First of all he set up an extensive exercise program to promote muscle strengthening for all of the muscles associated with my hip, and secondly he had me ask the surgeon if he could suit up and be in the operating room for my surgery. Well the surgeon granted his request, and on his own time Joshua was there for me in the surgery room. After the surgery, Joshua worked very closely with me to strengthen the muscles surrounding my hip. I went back to work full time in three weeks after the surgery and made a full and complete recovery. I believe that my unbelievably quick recovery was due to the efforts, knowledge and skill that Joshua used on my legs and hip. I would highly recommend Joshua to anyone as I have had him treat my shoulder as well and he has always come through with great results.” -

Larry Thoma, Las Crusas, New Mexico

"It is with respect and gratitude that I offer my highest recommendation for Joshua Morton. From the first session with Joshua I experienced immediate relief. While my primary care physician offered only pharmaceutical solutions for my chronic back pain, Joshua's treatment using Active Isolated Stretching has literally changed my health picture. Joshua is a dedicated, first class professional and terrific individual as well. His thorough regime of treatment includes instruction for self-care at home, such as stretching and strengthening exercises. You will find that his is a most comprehensive treatment plan that works! Thank you Joshua."

Lana S., Seattle, WA

"Joshua Morton is the most skilled and knowledgeable body healer I have ever worked with in the past 40 years - and I have worked with scores of good healers: massage therapists, Rolfers, chiropractors, accupuncturists, Thai massage in Asia, cranial sacral work, Heller method, etc. He is an expert in how the body works and how posture, fascia and muscle balance (or lack thereof) affect one's well being and energy. As a full-time golf teaching professional, I have suffered from chronic back pain, stiffness and muscle spasms for many years - sometimes to the point of severe pain and incapacitation. Joshua - using his own unique way of implementing the Active Isolated Stretching protocol - has freed my body of those chronic spasms, shortened fascia and muscle imbalance. I am now 100% pain and stiffness free on most days, and on my worst days I am only a little stiff when I first wake up in the morning. Simply doing the AIS exercises that Josh showed me restores my flexibility fairly quickly. My golf swing is back to how it used to work when I was in my thirties, and I am hitting the best golf shots of my life. I am able to practice and play pain-free for the first time in over twelve years. My body is in some ways more flexible today than it was 30 years ago. At age 62, this has been a tremendous benefit to me. I will continue to work with Joshua for many years to come. I absolutely believe that he is a genius-level healer, and doing AIS with him is now part of my anti-aging plan!"

Jim Waldron Director of Instruction Balance Point Golf Schools

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